Parish Description Publisher Type Year
Ashby-de-la-Zouch Parish Church, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Valentine's Series Tinted 1912
Ashby-de-la-Zouch Holy Trinity Church, Ashby-de-la-Zouch   Photo  
Ashby-de-la-Zouch St. Helen's Church, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Scarratt & Co No 1174 Photo 1947
Aylestone Aylestone Church Rutland Series No 71990 Mono 1919
Belgrave St. Michael's, Belgrave [Interior]   Photo 1910
Bottesford Bottesford Church "Clumbey Series" No 111 Tinted  
Bottesford Bottesford Church, Near Belvoir Castle "Christian Novels" Series Mono  
Braunstone Braunstone Church E.C.H. 151 Photo  
Breedon on the Hill The Parish Church, Breedon on the Hill P W Judson & A C Veasey 241C Colour 1985
Castle Donington Castle Donington Church Rd Keene Ld Mono 1903
Claybrooke Claybrooke Church Landscape View Publishers Photo 1966
Cranoe Cranoe Church   Mono  
Desford St. Martin's Church, Desford J/V Series DD3 Photo  
Evington St. Denis Church, Evington Nr Leicester The Wrench Series No 14882 Tinted  
Evington Evington Church [1] Valentine's Series No 71994 Tinted 1913
Foxton St. Andrew's Church, Foxton R. A. Series L. Brown Tinted  
Great Bowden Great Bowden Church, Market Harborough Valentine's Series Tinted 1906
Great Bowden Great Bowden Church, Market Harborough Valentine's Series Tinted 1904
Hugglescote Church & Lych Gate, Hugglescote Albion Real Photo Series 183 S Photo 1919
Kegworth Kegworth Church The "Cromwell Series" 556 Photo 1918
Knighton Knighton Church, Leicestershire F. Hartmann "Real Glossy" G Nr 2537.29 Tinted  
Knaptoft [Ruins of Knaptoft Church]   Photo 1908
Leicester St Nicholas' Church No 25365 Mono  
Leicester St Nicholas' Church, Leicester Colonial Series No 193 Mono  
Leicester St Margaret's Church, Leicester 2586-10 Tinted 1904
Leicester St. Nicholas' Church, Leicester   Tinted  
Leicester St. Mary's Church & Castle, Leicester CPC Photo  
Leicester Leicester: Military Chapel, St. Martin's Church [Interior] The Photochrom Co. Ltd. Sepiatone Series 40644 Mono  
Leicester Old Castle Gateway & St. Mary's Church, Leicester The P.N. Series of Artistic Cards Photo 1917
Leicester St. Martin's Church, Leicester Rutland Series 35544 Photo  
Leicester St. Mary's Church, Leicester   Tinted  
Leicester St. Nicholas Church, Leicester W. Pertrie Baker's Series Mono 1905
Leicester St. Martin's Church, Leicester Marcus Ward's Series Tinted 1904
Leicester St. Margaret's Church, Leicester Valentine's Series Mono 1910
Leicester St. Martin's Church, Leicester Living Picture Series Tinted 1907
Leicester All Saints' Church, Leicester H. G. L. 6 Tinted  
Leicester Leicester. St. Mary's Church   Tinted  
Leicester Holy Trinity Church, Leicester The Albion Series No 200699 Tinted  
Loughborough All Saints' Church Valentine's Series Mono 1914
Loughborough The Parish Church Hartmann Tinted  
Loughborough Parish Church, Loughborough   Mono  
Lutterworth Lutterworth Church Valentine's Series No 46929 Tinted  
Lutterworth Wiclif's Church, Lutterworth Abbott Tinted  
Market Harborough Parish Church, Interior, Market Harborough¹ The Wrench Series No 14626 Tinted 1908
Market Harborough Market Harborough: Parish Church & Grammar School The Photochrom Co. Ltd. Sepiatone Series No 47875 Mono  
Market Harborough Great Bowden Church, Market Harborough Valentine's Series Tinted 1904
Market Harborough Great Bowden Church, Market Harborough Valentine's Series Tinted 1904
Medbourne Medbourne Church "Hawkes Series" Mono  
Melton Mowbray St. Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray J. Towne & Co Tinted 1905
Melton Mowbray Bridge and Church, Melton Mowbray Valentine's Series Tinted 1905
Melton Mowbray Melton Mowbray, St. Mary's Parish Church F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 80310 [Frith Year 1907] Sepia  
Melton Mowbray Interior of Parish Church Melton Mowbray   Photo 1931
Melton Mowbray Parish Church, Melton Mowbray [Interior] Valentine's Series No Photo 1912
Newtown Linford Newtown Linford Church, near Leicester Valentine's Series No 51459 Tinted  
Quorn     Photo 1909
Redmile Redmile Church, near Grantham ¹ Christian Novels Publishing Co Tinted 1911
Redmile Redmile Church Valentine's Series Mono  
Sharnford Sharnford Parish Church Baxter's Photo Series No 954 Photo 1905
Shepshed Shepshed Church   Mono 1904
South Wigston Church and Cenotaph, South Wigston Teesee Series No 299/7 Photo 1927
Swinford Swinford Church nr Rugby 36 Photo  
Syston The Church, Syston Towne's Series Photo 1907
Theddingworth All Saints' Church, Theddingworth Burton Mono 1913
Thrussington Thrussington Church   Photo 1931
Thurmaston Saint Michael's Church, Thurmaston J. Crawfoot Photo  
Ulverscroft Ulverscroft Priory The Maple Series Mono 1908
Waltham Waltham Church J. Towne & Co Mono  
Woodhouse Eaves Church and Rocks, Woodhouse Eaves T. E. S. L Series Tinted  
Woodhouse Eaves Church and Cave, Woodhouse Eaves Windmill Series, W. Harriman Photo  
Wymondham Wymondham Church   Tinted  
Wymondham Wymondham Church Payne's Series Photo 1915
Wymondham Wymondham Church Jarrold & Sons Ltd. No 1913 Tinted  

[1] Possible Language of Stamps