Parish Description Publisher Type Year
Alderley Alderley Church F. Frith & Co. Ltd. Sepia  
Almondsbury Almondsbury Church N. E. The Cotswold Publishing Co Ltd Sepia  
Alveston Alveston Church Albert Prewett Mono 1904
Ashchurch Ashchurch Rectory and Church   Photo 1916
Ashton-under-Hill Ashton-under-Hill Church   Mono 1916
Avening Avening   Mono  
Avening Avening   Mono  
Beckford Beckford Church 1151 Mallett Photo Photo  
Beckford Beckford Church Abbey Studio Mono  
Berkeley Berkeley Church from NW S. Pead Sepia  
Berkeley Berkeley Church Frith's Series Mono  
Berkeley Berkeley Church, Interior E. The Cotswold Publishing Co Ltd Sepia 1927
Berkeley Berkeley Church & Bell Tower "CPC Series" Tinted 1909
Beverston Beverston Church from Castle Tower Tomkins & Barrett Tinted  
Bibury St. Mary's Church, Bibury, Glos Wyndham Rivett & Co Drawing  
Bibury St. Mary's Church, Bibury M and L National Series Photo  
Bibury The Church, Bibury Peter Wyndham "Hillside Studio" Sepia  
Bishops Cleeve Interior of Bishops Cleeve Church A. R. Beckinsale & Son Sepia  
Bishops Cleeve Bishops Cleeve Church   Photo  
Bisley Bisley Church F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 62694 [Frith Year 1910] Sepia  
Bourton-on-the-Hill The Church, Bourton-on-the-Hill T.V.A.P. Oxford Series LIV Photo 1969
Brimpsfield Brimpsfield Church   Tinted 1905
Bristol St Mary's Redcliffe M J R No 2620 Tinted  
Bristol St Mary's Church Redcliffe   Mono  
Bristol St Mary's Church Redcliffe   Mono  
Bristol St Mary Redcliffe   Mono  
Bristol St Mary's, Redcliffe, Bristol M J R B 2620 Tinted  
Bristol St Mary's, Redcliffe, Bristol M J R B 2620 Tinted  
Bristol Broad Street and St. John's Church   Mono  
Bristol Frenchay Church, Bristol Avonvale Series No 48 Tinted  
Bristol The Choir, St. Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol [Interior] H. B. & S. B. No 154 Sepia 1924
Bristol St. Stephen's Church, Bristol The Barton Warehouses Ltd Tinted  
Bristol St Mary Redcliff Church, Bristol, from N.E. H. B. & Son Ltd Mono  
Bristol St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol. Interior E.   Mono  
Bristol St. Philip's Church, Bristol Hardings "Progress" Series 1229 Mono  
Bristol St. Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol. 794 Mono 1903
Bristol St. Mary Redcliffe. The North Porch [Interior] 32068 Photo  
Bristol Temple Church, Bristol Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd "Oilette" No 6205 Painting 1904
Bristol Temple Church, Bristol Senior & Co Tinted  
Buckland Buckland, Gloucestershire The Photochrom Co. Ltd. The Times "English Village" Series (Set 11) Mono  
Bussage Bussage Church The Wrench Series No 15740 Tinted 1908
Cainscross Cainscross Church J. Olpin Tinted 1906
Cam St Bartholomew's Church, Cam, and War Memorial The Cotswold Publishing Co Sepia  
Campden Campden Church 1490 A.D.   Photo 1952
Campden The Church Tower, Campden Mercia Photo Co No 11 Photo  
Campden Church and Thatched Cottage, Campden Walter Scott No 15303 Photo 1941
Charlton Charlton. King's Church Burrow Tinted 1906
Chedworth Chedworth Church, and part of Village The "Cecily" Series Mono  
Cheltenham Cheltenham, Christ Church   Sepia 1911
Cheltenham Holy Apostles' Church, Cheltenham "Christian Novels" Series Mono  
Cherington Cherington Church Frank Colville Photo 1910
Chipping Campden The Parish Church Chipping Campden [Interior]   Mono  
Chipping Campden Church & Gateway of Old Manor House, Chipping Campden Walker Series Photo  
Chipping Campden Campden Church 1490 AD PCL Photo  
Chipping Campden Parish Church from N.E. Chipping Campden The "Borough" Series B786 Sepia  
Chipping Sodbury Chipping Sodbury Church Avonvale Series No 153 Tinted  
Christchurch The Church, Christchurch Frith's Series CHH 13 Photo 1960
Churchdown Churchdown, Old Church F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 54317 [Frith Year 1905] Tinted 1918
Churchdown Churchdown, Old Church F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 55849 [Frith Year 1907] Tinted 1912
Cinderford Cinderford, Interior of St. John's Church S J Cooksey Tinted 1908
Cirencester The Church from Abbey Grounds W H Smith & Son 9576-1875 Mono  
Cirencester Cirencester Church [the Hour Glass and Pulpit] W H Smith & Son 9565-1875 Mono  
Cirencester Parish Church, Cirencester The Cecily Series Sepia  
Cirencester Cirencester Parish Church "South Porch" [Interior] George Roper Photo  
Cirencester Cirencester Parish Church. The Choir [Interior] George Roper Photo  
Cirencester Cirencester Church from S. W. The "Cecily" Series Photo 1923
Cirencester Cirencester Church Tower Valentine's Series 11829 Tinted 1913
Cirencester St. Catherine's Chapel, Cirencester Church [Interior] The "Cecily" Series Sepia  
Clifton Clifton Parish Church Avondale Series No 87 Tinted  
Clifton Parish Church Clifton "Christian Novels" Series Mono  
Clifton St. Paul's Church, Clifton [Interior]   Mono 1906
Coaley Coaley Church F. Bailey & Son Frith's Series Mono 1907
Coates Coates Church The "Cecily" Series Sepia  
Coin St Dennis Coin St Dennis Church W. D. M. & Co Sepia  
Cranham Cranham Church Cotswold Publishing Co Ltd Sepia  
Deerhurst Deerhurst Church Abbey Studio Series Mono  
Deerhurst Saxon Church, Deerhurst Mallett's Series Mono  
Deerhurst Deerhurst Saxon Church Judges Limited No 13648 Sepia  
Deerhurst Saxon Church, Deerhurst, Glos [Interior] Brooke Sepia 1928
Deerhurst Deerhurst, Saxon Church F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 33518 [Frith Year 1894] Mono  
Deerhurst Deerhurst Church, Glos Brooke Mono  
Deerhurst Deerhurst, Odda's Chapel F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 708b Mono  
Deerhurst Deerhurst Church Walter Scott No AA645 Photo  
Dowdeswell St. Michael's Dowdeswell P. Ellis Colour 1991
Dumbleton Dumbleton Church, Glos Tilley's Series Mono 1906
Dumbleton St. Peter's Church, Dumbleton   Drawing  
Duntisbourne Rous St. Michael's Church, Duntisbourne Rous J R Griffiths Drawing  
Dursley The Parish Church, Dursley Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd DRSY 7 Sepia  
Dursley Dursley Parish Church Page's Series 45530 Mono 1904
Dymock Dymock Church A. H. Pitcher Postcard 1420 Sepia 1916
Dyrham Dyrham C 16221 Photo  
Elkstone Elkstone Church [1] W. D. M. & Co The "Cecily" Series Mono 1909
Fairford Fairford Church from N.W. W Dennis Moss "Cecily" Series Mono  
Fairford Fairford Church from the South West [Late 15th Century] R. A. P. Co. Ltd. Sepia 1926
Fairford St Mary's Church, Fairford and River Coln M and L National Series Tinted  
Fairford Fairford Church, South A. Powell Sepia  
Fairford St Mary's Church, Fairford Photo Precision Ltd. PT6786 Colour  
Fairford St Mary's Church, Fairford Photo Precision Ltd. PT6786 Colour  
Farmington Farmington Church [Interior] Percy Simms No 3 Photo  
Fishponds Fishponds Church "Grosvenor Series" No 579 Tinted  
Fishponds Fishponds Church Beaufort Series Tinted 1908
Flaxley Flaxley Church and Abbey 3720 Photo  
Framilode Framilode Church & Rectory M Barton Mono  
Frenchay Front View, Frenchay Church E. E. Rye Mono 1904
Fretherne Fretherne Church Lilywhite Ltd No 5338 Photo 1954
Gloucester St. Mary de Crypt Church, Gloucester [1]   Sepia 1912
Gloucester St. Mark's Church Gloucester Davies & Son Tinted 1915
Great Barrington Great Barrington Church   Mono 1906
Guiting Power The Church, Guiting Power Photo Precision Limited PT7024 Photo  
Guiting Power Guiting Power Butt Bourton Photo 1963
Hampnett Hampnett Church near Northleach Frith's Series NLH 22 Photo  
Hampnett Hampnett Church near Northleach Frith's Series NLH 22 Photo  
Haresfield Haresfield Church [1]   Photo 1917
Hawkesbury Hawkesbury Church Teesee Series 136-8 Photo  
Hempstead Hempstead Church, Gloucester Valentine's Series No 19777 Tinted 1905
Henbury Henbury Church F C Sincock Tinted  
Highnam Highnam Church F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 28963 [Frith Year 1891] Mono  
Horfield Horfield Parish Church, Bristol   Tinted 1910
Horsley Horsley Church Lilywhite Ltd No HSY 2 Photo  
Horton Exterior Horton Church   Mono  
Kempley Kempley Church, Norman Fresco [Interior] A. H. Pitcher Postcard Sepia  
Kempley Kempley Church Sydney Pitcher 1401 Mono  
Lechlade Lechlade Church The "Cecily" Series Mono 1907
Lechlade Church of St Laurance, Lechlade [Interior]   Mono 1907
Lechlade St. Lawrence Church, Lechlade   Photo  
Leckhampton Leckhampton Church, Cheltenham H J Harman and Co Mono 1905
Little Sodbury Ruins of Tyndall's Church, Little Sodbury, Glos, dating from 1500. Dismantled and disused since 1858. It was dedicated to St. Adeline Murray Dowding Photo 1914
Longhope Longhope Church, Glos "R" Series Mono 1909
Lower Guiting Lower Guiting   Photo 1923
Lower Slaughter The Church, Lower Slaughter Harvey Barton Q7G Colour 1993
Lydney Lydney Church Harris Photo  
Lydney St. Mary's Church, Lydney, Interior Burrow Mono  
Matson S. Katharine's Church, Matson   Mono  
Mickleton St. Laurance Church, Mickleton A. J. Jones Tinted  
Minchinhampton Minchinhampton Church   Photo 1943
Minchinhampton Minchinhampton Church   Mono 1904
Moreton-in-Marsh Parish Church, Moreton-in-Marsh   Photo  
Newent St. Mary's Church, Newent I. M. Dyke Mono  
Newent Newent, St Mary's Parish Church Judges Limited C 3382X Colour  
Newent Newent Church [Interior] Arthur H. Pitcher Tinted 1907
Newnham St. Peter's Church, Newnham, Glos   Photo 1928
North Cerney North Cerney Church   Mono  
Northleach Northleach Church Fourshire Series No 29 Photo  
Northleach Northleach The Bute Studio No 5 Photo  
Northleach Northleach Church. Interior W. Dennis Moss The "Cecily" Series Sepia  
Northleach Carved Pulpit Northleach Church [Interior] Percy Simms Fourshire Series 36 Sepia  
Northleach Northleach Church from E. W. Dennis Moss Sepia  
Northleach Northleach Church from E. The "Cecily" Series Sepia 1917
Northleach Northleach   Photo  
Old Sodbury Old Sodbury Church Cotswold Publishing Co. Ltd. No 503 CPC Mono 1926
Old Sodbury Parish Church, Old Sodbury E. Matthews 9345 Sepia  
Overbury St. Faith's Church, Overbury A. W. Bourne Photo 1953
Painswick Painswick Church 44986 Sepia  
Painswick Painswick Church   Mono  
Painswick Painswick Church, Gloucestershire John Champion Ltd GLOS 6063 Photo  
Painswick Painswick Church [Interior]   Photo  
Painswick Painswick Church Frith's Series Mono 1905
Painswick St. Peter's Chapel in Painswick Church [Interior] M. Barton Mono 1905
Painswick Painswick Church The Wrench Series No 13867 Tinted 1905
Painswick Painswick Church The Wrench Series No 7817 Tinted 1906
Piping Pebworth Piping Pebworth Smith's Series Mono 1909
Quennington Quennington Church, Glos Taunt & Co 1093 Mono  
Rockhampton Rockhampton Church Albert Prewett Mono 190?
Rodborough Rodborough Church, Stroud The Wrench Series No 15724 Tinted  
St Briavels The Church, St Briavels W. Marsh Sepia 1923
Selsley Selsley   Photo  
Slimbridge Slymbridge Church Frith's Series Tinted 1908
South Cerney The South Doorway, South Cerney Church [Interior] The "Cecily" Series Sepia  
Southrop Norman Font Southrop Church [Interior] Percy Simms No 5 Photo  
Stanway Stanway Church, Glos T C Productions Drawing  
Stanway Stanway Church, Glos Harvey Barton Q9B Colour Photo  
Stapleton Stapleton Church Avondale Series 139 Tinted  
Stonehouse Stonehouse Church Mark Whilley Mono 1917
Stow-on-the-Wold The Parish Church Clift & Ryland Mono 1909
Stow-on-the-Wold St. Edward's Church, Stow-on-the-Wold James H. Alden Photo  
Stow-on-the-Wold Parish Church, Stow-on-the-Wold   Sepia  
Stratton Stratton Church W. M. D. & Co The "Cecily" Series Mono  
Stroud Stroud, Parish Church F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 62674 [Frith Year 1910] Sepia 1910
Stroud Stroud Parish Church [Interior]   Tinted  
Stroud Parish Church, Stroud Valentine's Series No 49952 Mono  
Stroud Parish Church, Stroud The Wrench Series No 15722 Tinted  
Tetbury St. Mary's Parish Church, Tetbury E.T.W. Dennis & Sons Ltd No T.1201L Photo  
Tetbury Tetbury Church, N.W. The Cotswold Publishing Co Ltd Sepia  
Tewkesbury Holy Trinity Church, Tewkesbury G. C. Gardner Sepia  
Thornbury Thornbury Church, South Side Prewett Mono  
Thornbury Thornbury Church from the Castle A. Prewett Mono 1907
Tortworth Tortworth Church S.W. Cotswold Publishing Co Ltd Sepia 1926
Uley Uley Church F. Bailey & Son "CPC" Series 102 Mono  
Upleadon S. Marys, Upleadon. North View Gloucester Journal Photo Sepia  
Upleadon S. Marys, Upleadon. Interior looking west H K Fox Sepia  
Upper Cam Parish Church Upper Cam Lilywhite CM18 Photo  
Warmley Parish Church, Warmley 9009 Photo  
Watermoor Watermoor Church & Vicarage W. M. D. & Co Sepia  
Westbury Westbury Church A P L B Mono 1908
Westbury-on-Trym Westbury-on-Trym Church. S. Harvey Barton's Series Mono  
Westerleigh Westerleigh Church W.T. Photo 1905
Whitfield The Park and Whitfield Church, Gloucester E. S. No 896 Tinted  
Winchcombe Church of St. Peter, Winchcombe Judges Limited C 2601X Colour  
Winchcombe Winchcombe Church, Glos F. Frith & Co No59457 [Frith Year 1907] Tinted 1912
Winchcombe St. Peter's Church, Winchcombe [Interior] Judges Limited C 1562 Colour  
Winchcombe Winchcombe Church   Sepia  
Winchcombe Winchcombe Church   Mono  
Winchcombe St. Peter's Church, Winchcombe [Interior] Beric Tempest & Co Ltd Colour  
Witcombe Witcombe Church WCE6 Photo  
Withington St. Michael's, Withington, Glos   Photo  
Woodchester Woodchester Church The Wrench Series No 15735 Tinted  
Woodchester St. Mary the Virgin, Woodchester Lilywhite Ltd. WDR 5 Photo  
Woolston St. Mark's Church, Woolston F. G. O. Stuart No 1334 99524 Tinted  
Woolstone Woolston. Pear Tree Green Church The Wrench Series No 5324 Mono  
Wotton under Edge Wotton under Edge Parish Church The Cotswold Publishing Co Ltd Mono 1923

[1] Possible Language of Stamps